June 2012 Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2012 in Meeting Minutes by brian



MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012

1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Chuck Cenkner.

2. Attendee Status:

Present: Shirley Marks, Marie Iaria, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Glen Dunbar, Chuck Cenkner, Mary Beth Follett, Bill Renz, Bob Hosteter, Joanne Kaldy, Brian Moore, Jill Lawley, Theresa Bell Mowery, Kathryn Nonas-Hunter.
Excused: Ellie Martindale, Gene Gangwish, Melissa Snyder

3. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.

Treasury Activity Report:

Beginning Balance: $2418.10
Expenses: 499.01
Income: 100.00
Check Book Balance: 2019.09
O/S Check: 459.01
Statement Ending Balance: $2019.09

4. Committee Reports:

  • Crime Watch: No crime activities reported this month. National night out. August 7th. Glen still seeking entertainment for the night’s events.
  • Social Committee:  Picnic after the Flea Market: Jill Lawley will not be able to plan this event. She asked for volunteers to plan it.
  • Communications: Minutes will be posted on the website. Discussion occurred over how to enable a log in process to the website for residents. Glen made a motion for a $50 gift card to incentivize neighbors to sign up for the web site.
  • Beautification:
    Erica from Highland Gardens saw a number of things that needed TLC in the park. She is willing to donate her expertise and take care of the plants in need.
    The neighborhood will need to get rid of pruning debris. Glen Dunbar agreed to help with this.
    Gina King was appreciative of the gift card given as a token of appreciation for her efforts in the Race Street Park.
    Kathy Dunbar found hydrangeas that would be nice in the place where the auto accident destroyed the shrubs. It will cost $35. The board approved the expense.
    The bricks on the 600 block of Race Street sidewalk are broken up and are in need of repair. This is a code violation. Also, there is a dead tree on that block. It is the owner’s responsibility to repair sidewalks and trim trees.
    Trimming around trees did not occur at the last mowing. Also, we will ask to have the park mowed prior to the flea market, as well as the high weeds on the river bank.
  • Fundraising:
    Flea Market: Budget goal of $2300. Letters went out to outside exhibitors from the last five years. Pre-registration has come in from some exhibitors. Resident flyers will go out this week. The date is on the web site. HYP has been notified as well. The Burg will have an ad for July. Pinnacle Health has been notified about a request for parking. The park permit has been requested. Concern over the certificate of liability was discussed. Committee meetings are scheduled June 27th and July 11th at 7 pm at the home of Bill Renz. Volunteers are needed for registration, parking, bake sale, grill masters, etc. Request for volunteers will go out with the flyer. Banners will go up two weeks prior to the event.
    House Tour: $3000 will be presented at the end of July from the HYP. Kudos to Bill Renz for leading this effort.

5. Old Business:

  • Update on Ellie’s travels: Chuck provided an update of her travel log.
  • Auto accident claim for trees: No activity has occurred

6. New Business:

  • UGI unfinished work in Riverfront Park is a safety hazard. Chuck is requesting that the completion should occur prior to the flea market. Chuck has asked for a plan of action from UGI. The work is unfinished on the 800 block of S. Front St.
  • The riverfront park remains in total darkness from the lack of repair of the streetlights. It has been a year since the power went out.
  • Help needed for a neighbor Tom Enswiller and Howard Jones. Need help with weeding garden.
  • Marie Iaria will chair the t shirt design committee. There will be a new design contest.
  • Off leash dogs have been a problem as well as dog poop.
  • Barbershop opened on the former of Front and Paxton. He has an established clientele, but he would like to be active in the Shipoke neighborhood.

Next Meeting: 7 pm, July 9, 2012 at the home of Therese Mowery at 308 ½ S. 2nd St.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.