August 2012 Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2012 in Meeting Minutes by brian





1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Ellie Martindale.

2. Attendee Status:

Present: Chuck Cenkner, Glen Dunbar, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Marie Iaria, Melissa Snyder, Shirley Marks, Bob Hosteter, Mary Beth Follett, Theresa Mowry, Brian Moore, Kathryn Nonas-Hunter, Gene Gangwish, Joanne Kaldy.

Excused: Bill Renz, Jill Lawley.

3. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.

4. Treasury Activity Report:

Beginning Balance: $2469.09
Activity: 300.00
Deposits: 5974.39
Outstanding Checks:
Ending Balance: $8143.48

5. Committee Reports:

  • Crime Watch:
    National Night Out: Band/event was very successful. Band would like to participate next year. The use of posters on trees was a good way to promote the event. Thanks to Kathryn Hunter for allowing the electric to be used for the party. Glen Dunbar will contact the band and request that they pencil in the first Tuesday of August for 2013. Pinnacle Health handed out stroke prevention information and first aid kits.
  • Social Committee:
    Food Bank Community Challenge:  September general meeting will be a good time to promote this drive, asking residents to bring a donation when they attend the meeting.
  • Communications:
    New resident letter will start to go out very soon.
  • Beautification:
    Neighbor would like weeds along the paths to the river to be cleared. Need of gas weed wacker to clear weeds. Bill Dallam has access to one and can provide.
    Shirley suggested new additional trash cans. New ones are $2000. We have to purchase through the city. This idea was tabled for the time being due to the cost.
    Some issues are causing a lack of beautification in the park. Homeless have set up camp under I- 83. Glen Dunbar will continue his effort to get appropriate government entities to assist in removal of the camp.Schedule fall clean up: A date will be selected at the next board meeting.

    Proposal to spend money for bulbs. Signs proposed to discourage to prevent picking the flowers in the spring. $250 was approved for bulbs. Thanks for Gene Gangwish for volunteering to plant more bulbs.

    Fence against Shugart Dr. falling down. It is on State property. Glen Dunbar will contact the appropriate persons to repair the fence.

  • Fundraising:
    House Tour: Check for $3000 from HYP has been received.Flea Market: Bill Renz will not participate as director next year. The board will search for a new volunteer for this effort. Second best year ever for the financials. Bill Renz will provide the financial update at the next board meeting.

6. Old Business:

  • The sidewalk on Race Street was repaired.
  • Trash cans are an issue on Second Street. Therese Mowery notified the neighbors that a 24 hour increment is allowed for trash cans to be out on the sidewalk. Suggestion was made for this to be in the upcoming newsletter. Also, there will be an update on the rules of acceptable items to be placed in the recycle bin.
  • The incinerator takes Styrofoam and electronics at a building halfway up the hill to the incinerator. It is free for residents. Check the Dauphin County web site.
  •  A motion was approved to hand out 25 copies of residents guide for new residents. $100 was approved to spend needed to print the new resident guide. Glen Dunbar will be in charge of checking for updates to the guide, and revise as necessary.
  • Non-functional Streetlights:625 S Front has no light. Bob Hostetter has no light. Light pole on Vine and Front. Light Up Harrisburg wants a list of all lights that are out. John Campbell at HHA will compile the list and map it out. The City will install them if the equipment is donated. There was a question about the lanterns lights. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make repairs. A motion was made to find out cost of lantern lights that need repaired. HACC professor will conduct project in spring to map non-functioning street lights.
  •  Author Meet and Greet:Book reading dates: 9/22 was approved as the date. (Revised to 9/15 due to conflict.) Motion approved for $300 for reception. Suggested locations: Passage to India, Reception at someone’s garden, Pinnacle community meeting room, or Char’s. Joanne Kaldy will be in charge of confirming the location and planning the reception.
  • T-shirts: 2009 was last contest. Target Jan or Feb for publicity. Winner announcement in May and availability to follow. Residents will be able to order by size and color. Limited to two colors.
  • Red wheel barrow left at last clean up. Gene Gangwish has it in his storage unit. Missing his hitch should anyone have found it, please return it.

7. New Business:

  • September General Meeting: Sunday evening in kiddie park. Date suggested: 9/30. Rain date in October. Publicity for food bank drive will coincide.
  • Skunks in park: Neighbor’s dog sprayed by skunk. Located in Riverfront Park between Nagle and Tuscarora Streets. Vermin control is a county program. Joanne Kaldy will call the county to ask that humane traps be set to capture, and then relocate the skunk family.
  • Street repairs: Pothole complaint received no response. Corner of Tuscarora and Showers. Email will be sent to public works.

Next Meeting: September 10th 7:00 pm. Host: Gene Gangwish 571 S Front St.