November 2012 Meeting Minutes

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MONDAY, November 12, 2012

1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Ellie Martindale.
2. Attendee Status:
Present:  Glen Dunbar, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Marie Iaria, Judy Polliard, Shirley Marks, Bob Hosteter, Mary Beth Follett, Theresa Mowry, , Gene Gangwish, Joanne Kaldy
Excused:  Bill Renz, Jill Lawley ,  Chuck Cenkner,  Brian Moore. Kathryn Nonas-Hunter.
3. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.
4. Treasury Activity Report:
Beginning Balance:    $7061.72
Deposits:                 0.00
Activity:            167.47
Ending Balance:    $6894.31
5. Committee Reports:

  • Crime Watch:
    Several break ins were reported -  one from unlocked car, another from a locked car.
  • Social Committee:
    “Shipoke – old and new” was selected as the theme for the March social.  Several ideas for speakers were suggested.  March 24th at 4 pm was decided as the date for the event.  The location suggested was the John Harris Mansion.  Jill will contact the mansion to confirm a date.  It will be a potluck buffet.
  • Beautification:
    Fence repaired under I 83 bridge.
    Fall Clean up left unbagged trash.  City will pick up only if it is bagged.
    Trash accumulating on the entrance/exit ramps to I 83.  Suggested to contact PennDot to clean up.  Also, a suggestion was made to have the neighborhood pick up the ramp areas, and be designated by a sign.  Will be discussed further when a contact is made at PennDot.
    Former daycare is in disrepair.  A codes form will be filled out   The former Art Council building is also in disrepair.  Discussion about use of this building by Shipoke.  Bob Hostetter will inquire about ownership.
  • Communications:
    Reminder to give out the new resident letter.
    Contractors list is still an idea.  March meeting suggested as a time to pass around a list to create the list.
  • Fundraising:
    Shirt contest scheduled for January. T-shirts will be ready by March.
    No chair has volunteered for Flea Market.
    Letter asking for donations to the SNA organization was discussed.

6. Old Business:
Property Issues:
Lighten Up Harrisburg continues to plan to repair lights in the city.  No date has been set for the next meeting.  A copy of the email outlining non-functioning street lights has been sent to the Public Works Director.
There are many large holes along the high fence in the Race Street Park.  Some holes were created by flooding, and others from wildlife.
Trash can issue was in the newsletter.  It was a reminder that trash cans with lids are required.
The cement walkway along the river will be addressed in the spring.
Some Shipoke skunks have been killed.  Two adult skunks were hit by autos on the I-83 ramp.
Author Meet and Greet will be rescheduled for next year.  The authors had schedule conflicts.
The Halloween Parade and Party were a success.  Thanks to the volunteers who planned the event.  It was a very happy and fun event.  The parade will include both kids and dogs for next year.
The Shipoke manual will be reviewed by Glen Dunbar.  The PDF software will need to be converted to Word to do the updates.
Chuck Cenkner will arrange for the repairs to the Shipoke banner on Race St.  Also, the banner on River and Washington Streets.
Noises issues:  Reminder will be in newsletter about being respectful regarding noises.

7. New Business:
At the September general meeting, Katherine Rios shared that a group of individuals would be forming a group to maintain and improve the Kiddie Park.   They will be invited to share ideas with the SNA board.
Trees in front of homes are the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain.  A dead tree on Race Street needs to be cut down.  Judy Polliard will contact the property owner.

Next Meeting: 7 pm December 10, 2012 at the home of Ellie Martindale, 722 Showers St.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Submitted by Mary Beth Follett, Secretary.