December 2012 Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2013 in Meeting Minutes by brian

MONDAY, December 10, 2012

1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Ellie Martindale.
2. Attendee Status:
Present:  Chuck Cenkner, Glen Dunbar, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Marie Iaria, Judy Polliard, Shirley Marks, Mary Beth Follett. Kathryn Nonas-Hunter, Joanne Kaldy, Bill Renz.
Excused:  Gene Gangwish, Theresa Bell Mowery, Brian Moore, Bob Hosteter
3. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.
4. Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Balance:        $6894.25
Income:                             0.00
Activity:                           $75.00 (Deposit for March Social)
Ending Balance:             $6819.25

  • Crime Watch:

Car break-ins are a continuing issue due to visible temptations in the vehicles.  There was a possible attempted house break-in on the corner of Race and Nagle Streets.  The fence was damaged and back door was tampered.

  • Social Committee:

Food Bank Community Challenge:  The Food Bank gave the SNA a letter of thanks and a Certificate of Appreciation for its donations.

General Meeting and March Social:  March 24, 2013 at 4 pm has been reserved at the John Harris Mansion.  Former residents will be invited to join the social and the theme is “Shipoke Old and New.”  It will be a potluck dinner.  It was noted that Bob Young has a considerable amount of information about the neighborhood and the Herzogs are lifelong residents.

  • Communications:

Contractor list:  A list will be created of reputable contractors that residents use and it is hoped that it will be ready for distribution at the March Social.  Also at the Social, attendees will be asked for their ideas for future SNA activities.

  • Beautification:

The trash problem on the on and off ramps of the expressway will be addressed at the next meeting.  The Race Street wall/park condition has been communicated to Penn Dot; Ellie has also emailed the Public Works Department in regard to this matter.  It was determined that the cow will stay in Race Street Park year round.

  • Fundraising:

Submissions for the new Shipoke T-shirt Contest will go to Marie.  She has a flyer from a previous t-shirt contest that she will provide to Ellie.
Chairing the 2013 Shipoke Flea Market was discussed and there were no volunteers.  Bill Renz will share his “Flea Market Book” with the Board at the January meeting.

5. Old Business:

Theresa reported the former daycare center to the Codes Department.  She will also report the former Harrisburg Arts Council Building.  Bob will look into the ownership of the building.

It was reported that skunks are still a problem and a humane trap will be set when a proper location is determined.

Another street light is out and Ellie has notified the Public Works Department.  Lighten Up Harrisburg will meet after the first of the year.

An Author Meet and Greet will be planned in 2013.

Glen is working on reviewing the SNA Welcome Manual and making changes where necessary.

Chuck Cenkner will arrange for repair of the torn banners.  Locations are Race, Washington & River and Showers & Conoy Streets.  The quote to replace and install is $100 per banner, plus $180 labor, totaling $530.  Banners will be turned inward to avoid being hit by trucks in the future, two will be replaced and the third will be turned inward.

6. New Business:

Jill reported that Martin’s Tree Service has offered a group rate for residents who would like to use them.  Judy approached Dr. Dhaat about cutting the dead tree on Race Street which is on his property.

Ellie reported the Greenbelt Association is addressing safety issues and getting grants for safety improvements, especially at crosswalks.  There was discussion about extending the trail as far as Fort Hunter.

Newsletter Content Ideas – March social, t-shirt contest, responsibility of homeowners to clear sidewalks when it snows, trash can reminder, no cardboard is recycled, car content reminder to prevent break-ins.

Property Tax Abatement:  Interim tax bill in early April is a flaw.  Contact Doug Boswell at the Dauphin County Tax office at 780-6105 or

Homeless issue:   The tent remains under the South Bridge.  People have been observed walking to a possible camp; however, no new site has been found.

Next Meeting:  January 14th, home of Jill Lawley, 700 Showers Street.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Submitted by Mary Beth Follett, Secretary