January 2013 Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2013 in Meeting Minutes by brian




  1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Ellie Martindale.
  2. Attendee Status:
    Present: Glen Dunbar, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Shirley Marks, Mary Beth Follett, Theresa Bell Mowery, Brian Moore, Gene Gangwish, Bill Renz. Jill Lawley
    Excused: Joanne Kaldy: Bob Hosteter, Judy Polliard , Marie Iaria, Chuck Cenkner, Kathryn Nonas-Hunter.
  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.
  2. Treasury Activity Report:

Beginning Balance: $6894.25
Income: $ 0.00
Activity: $ 75.00
Ending Balance: $6819.25

  1. Committee Reports:
  • Crime Watch:
    Car break ins have occurred near the hotel. It is assumed that some victims were hotel guests.
  • Social Committee:
    March General meeting: Betty Seidel, former Shipoke resident, has been contacted. The general meeting will be March 24th at 4 pm. Mary Beth Follett will contact the Herzogs. Shirley Marks will contact Bob and Eileen Young. Dr. Michael Barton or Bob Young are potential speakers. Glen will invite Dr. Barton. Dinner will be potluck provided by residents. It is posted on the web site. A paper flyer will go out for the March social.
  • Communications:
    Minutes are up to date on the web site. Upcoming general meeting is posted on web site.
    Contractor list – will attempt to update with information gathered at the general meeting.
  • Beautification:
    Bulbs were not planted in the fall due to Gene’s busy work schedule.
    Shrubs were trimmed in Race Street Park.
    Hotel has not paved in front of their dumpsters.
    The issue of holes under the Race Street wall is at a standstill. Local and state officials have been informed.
  • Fundraising:
    T-shirt contest: Ellie created a flyer. It will be distributed on each residence door. Contest ends February 15th.
    Flea Market Handbook was provided by Bill Renz. July 13th is the tentative date.
  1. Old Business:
    • Property Issues:
      HARP program allows for you to refinance without an appraisal. It is a 30 year fixed rate at 3.8%.
      Trees: Martins tree service will be trimming several trees for various homeowners. They are offering a discount.
      Former daycare center: codes complaint was sent in November.
      Former arts council building: codes complaint has been filled out and has been submitted. Bob has not been at the meetings to report on the ownership of this building. A stronger complaint will be submitted for both properties, especially for mold issues.
    • Street lights:
      Harrisburg City is not doing anything. Lighten up Harrisburg will meet again soon, and several board members will attend and report back. Some lights have been repaired further up Front Street.
    • Skunks:
      No one has contacted Ellie about the location of the skunks.
    • Welcome Manual:
      everything appears to be adequate.
    • Torn Banners:
      Chuck will report at next meeting.
  1. New Business:
    • Newsletter:
      Subject matter for upcoming issue – Crime, check website, snow shoveling of sidewalks, reminder about welcome manual, information about mortgage refinancing,
    • Playground maintenance:
      Will take place in spring.
    • Spring celebration:
      Possible pot decorating or window box decorating contest. Some sort of spring event would attract attention for the neighborhood. Possible “for sale” real estate open houses tied in to a spring event. Bill Renz will reach out to realtors to get their thoughts on the idea.
    • City Beautiful planning meeting at the Civic Club on January 17th at 6 pm.

Next Meeting: February 11, 2013 at the home of Teresa Bell Mowery 308 ½ S. Second St.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Submitted by Mary Beth Follett, Secretary.