February 2013 Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2013 in Meeting Minutes by brian



MONDAY, February 11, 2013

  1. Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Ellie Martindale.
  2. Attendee Status:
    Present:   Glen Dunbar, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Marie Iaria, Judy Polliard, Shirley Marks, , Mary Beth Follett,  Theresa Bell Mowery. Kathryn Nonas-Hunter, Joanne Kaldy. Jill Lawley, Chuck Cenkner
    Excused:  Bill Renz, Bob Hosteter, Gene Gangwish
  3. Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved.
  4. Treasury Activity Report:
    BEGINNING BALANCE:                                  $6819.25
    INCOME:                                                              0.00
    ACTIVITY:                                                             0.00
    ENDING BALANCE:                                        $6819.25
  5. Committee Reports:
    • Crime Watch:
      No new criminal activity to report.
    • Social Committee:
      General Meeting and March Social:  Speaker will be Dr.Michael Barton for the March general meeting. “Shipoke old and new” will be the theme.  Former residents and longtime residents will receive special invitations.  It will be a potluck.  Residents can bring their own beverage.  $75 was allocated for set ups and beverages for the event.  Ellie will print and distribute a flyer.
    • Communications:
      Contractor’s list information will go out with the next email.
    • Beautification:
      Banners:  three banners will be replaced and work will take place in March, when the weather warms.
    • Fundraising:
      T-shirt contest:  There is only one entry.  At this time the contest will be placed on hold.
      Flea Market:  A separate meeting will be later in the week.  Board members will be invited to attend.
  6. Old Business:
    • Property Issues:  Bob Hosteter will confirm ownership of the former Arts Council building for the next meeting.  The former child care center was reported for codes violations.  Trash cans were removed for winter in the Riverfront Park.  The concern is that they will not be returned in spring.
    • City Beautiful:  Ellie attended the meeting.  Another meeting will be at the HACC library Midtown campus. (4th and Reilly).  The next meeting will be more organizational.
    • Playground Maintenance:  There is a large tree branch in the playground.
    • Skunks:  there were no new reports of skunks.
  7. New Business:
    • Greenbelt will have another meeting.  Safety issues and an extension to Fort Hunter will be the topics.
    • Newsletter:  T-shirt contest entries needed,  Contractor list, March Social and General Meeting, Dog License reminder,  overfilled recycled bins.
    • Spring event in Shipoke:  The Maypole festival idea was discussed.  Also, the Pot and window box contest.  We will try to get the same band that played for the Crime watch night. Hip Pocket Motown Project.  $500 will be allocated.  A Sunday in May will be the suggested date.  Possibly May 19th. @ 4 pm.   Shipoke May fest theme.
    • Shipoke Ground Hog day:  suggestion was made to have a fun event to attract new people to Shipoke.
    • Rotary:  Thank you plaque for the Rotary.  City will not allow more plaques.

Next Meeting:  March 11, 2013 at the home of the Dunbar’s, 606 Race St.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Submitted by Mary Beth Follett, Secretary.