November 2013 Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2013 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2013

1. Meeting called to order by Ellie Martindale at 7pm.

2. Members Present: Ellie Martindale, Dave Witwer, Susan Fahey, Shirley Marks, Marie Iaria, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Glen Dunbar, Mary Beth Follett, Joanne Kaldy, Brian Moore, Betty Wolf.

Members Excused: Jen Poppy, Gene Gangwish, Carol Haigh, Bob Hostetter(Bob was out of town)

Members Unexcused:

3. Review Minutes: Approved as written.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Approved.
ACTIVITY: Income: 0.00
Expenses: 121.31

5. Committee Reports:

  • Crime:  There have been a number of break ins and thefts in the last few weeks. Someone has entered through unlocked doors. Several entrances have been made through unlocked Bilco basement doors or unlocked back doors. An email will go out tomorrow to warn people to be on alert. There are quite a few suggestions in the neighborhood guide on the website regarding home security.Shirley Marks brought up the issue of the homeless. She will contact Patty Kim regarding the encampment located under the I-83 overpass.
  • Social: No report.
  • Beautification: The playground fence issue will be addressed in spring. There was discussion about whether a group of parents would “adopt” the playground. Dave Witwer volunteered to head a group to maintain the playground.
  • Communication: The welcome letter for new neighbors will be sent to the new board members. A personal message should be added to the bottom of the letter.
  • Fund Raising: Discussion on raising funds other means than the flea market.


6. Old Business:

Property Issues: Skunks have been active.

Jam Auto still creates parking issues Cars overflow their business location. The street is frequently blocked. Nothing has been done since the last complaint.

Street lights: Resurvey to be done.

Flood Insurance meeting/Biggert Waters meeting: This has been tabled until the government is back on track after sequestration.

7. New Business:

Greenbelt meeting on November 12th from 6 to 9 pm. It will be held at the Wildwood welcome center. Long term plans will be discussed. Civic club fundraiser to be held at the civic club.

Meeting on gang crime to be held at Rose Lehrman Center.

Market street bridge will be closed early on Sunday for the Marathon

Kathy Marley will speak at the Art Association on Sunday afternoon. Baltic Region Art will be discussed.

Dr. Michael Barton will be lecturing at the John Harris Mansion at 4 pm on Sunday.

Tri-County cross river connector meeting was attended. The unused railroad bridge next to the hospital was discussed. Possible to develop it as a park. It is a 15 year plan.

Possible to have a ground hog celebration in Shipoke.

Mike Snyder will be contacted about the doorway that was replaced at the former barbershop.

Next Meeting: December 4th, 2013 at the home of the Dunbars

Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.