October 2013 Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2013 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2013

7:00 P.M.


Members Present: Ellie Martindale, Betty Wolf , Amanda Beaudoin, Shirley Marks, Marie Iaria, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Glen Dunbar, Mary Beth Follett, Bob Hostetter, Brian Moore, Sue Fahey

Members Excused: Joanne Kaldy, Gene Gangwish, Dave Witwer, Carol Haigh, Jen Poppy

Minutes: Because of necessary corrections, approval of the minutes was tabled until the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved.

Beginning Balance: $7,568.94
Income: 0.00
Ending Balance: $6,985.54
Outstanding Checks: $100.31 (Ellie Martindale)

Kathy Dunbar provided a report for annual expenses and income. Last year’s expenses totaled $2,494.00.

Committee Reports:

Crime Watch:

  • It was reported a break-in occurred at 502 Race Street. Entrance was through a locked back door and a dog did not hear the burglar. A purse was stolen.
  • A bicycle was stolen from an unlocked garage on Race Street.
  • Jill Lawley reported a bicycle ran into a dog on the bike path and did not stop. It was suggested to have a sign made, but to first check where the bike path officially starts and ends.
  • It was also noted that on trash night, strangers to the neighborhood are often found pilfering through trash, which is illegal.
  • The importance of keeping porch lights on and keeping doors and windows locked was discussed.


  • With Jill Lawley no longer on the board, a new Social Chairperson is needed.
  • October 27th is the date set for the Shipoke Halloween Parade, beginning at the corner of Nagle and Front Streets at 3:00 P.M. A pot luck dinner will follow in the Conoy Street Playground.
  • It was noted that the band was well received, but the crowd was smaller than last year.


  • A Shipoke Neighborhood Cleanup Day was held on October 4. There was a discussion regarding the ivy damaging the fence at the Conoy Street Playground. Another cleanup day will be scheduled to cut back more of the ivy and it was noted that the fence will need to be replaced in the near future.
  • It was suggested that the girdles on the newly planted trees need to be removed if they are impinging on the trunk of the tree. Ellie Martindale volunteered to check each tree.


  • Board members were reminded that new residents to the neighborhood should receive a Welcome Letter from the board. When a board members knows that a new resident has moved in, the member should advise the board and then deliver a letter to the resident with a personal note welcoming them. Ellie will email the Welcome Letter document to each board member. The importance of getting new residents involved in neighborhood activities was discussed.


  • There was a discussion about adding a link to the website for contributing donations. Brian will check into this issue.
  • It was also suggested that we add a link to the website to cafepress.com so that Shipoke t-shirts are available for purchase at any time. We will need to check on cafepress fees for this service and also using Paypal for purchases.

Old Business:

  • Property Issues: It was noted that Jam’s Auto continues to cause traffic issues on Vine Street. Also, nothing appears to have been done about the Property Maintenance Complaint Form that was sent to the City Codes Department regarding the yellow pipe that is blocking the sidewalks across from Jam’s Auto.
  • Skunks: It was stated there is a problem throughout the city. There were suggestions given to cut back on the brush and that residents be sure to put their trash in covered trash cans.

New Business:

  • A meeting will be planned in the near future regarding flood Insurance changes/concerns and a plan of action will then be developed.
  • A speaker for the March membership meeting/social is needed.
  • A Harrisburg Strong Meeting is scheduled for October 16.
  • Historic Harrisburg Association is planning a walking tour of the neighborhood on Saturday, October at 10:00 A.M. The tour will begin at the Comfort Inn.
  • Carol Haigh requested a volunteer to serve as Liaison for the Shipoke community and to attend City Council Meetings plus any other City meetings that would affect the neighborhood. This issue will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  • The Harrisburg Riverboat Society will host a fundraising night in October with a cost of $50 per person.
  • After a discussion, it was agreed to change SNA Board Meetings from the first Monday to the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Next Meeting: November 6th at 7:00 P.M. at the home of Shirley Marks.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.