December 2013 Meeting Minutes

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Shipoke Neighborhood Association

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

December 4, 2013, 7:00 P.M.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Ellie Martindale.

Members Present: Ellie Martindale, Jen Poppy, Dave Witwer, Susan Fahey, Shirley Marks, Marie Iaria, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Glen Dunbar, Mary Beth Follett, Joanne Kaldy, Brian Moore, Betty Wolf, Amanda Beaudoin

Members Excused: Gene Gangwish, Bob Hostetter

Minutes: Approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report: Verbal report approved.

Beginning Balance: $6864.23
Income: $0.00
Expenses: $62.12
Ending Balance: $6802.11
Outstanding Checks: none

Committee Reports:

  • Crime Watch:
    • A resident reported signs of an attempted break in; the same property had been burglarized last month. Residents should continue to be alert and keep areas around their homes lighted as a deterrent.
  • Social:
    • Dave Witwer volunteered to be the Social Committee chair. Some suggestions made for social activities were:
      • Shipoke water station for the Harrisburg Marathon.
      • Develop and maintain a Facebook page. Joanne Kaldy and Betty Wolf volunteered for this project.
  • Beautification:
    • A suggestion was made to ask neighbors to volunteer to adopt a tree or area in Race Street Park. This would not only lessen the work on Spring Cleanup Day, but hopefully, would get more residents involved in maintaining the park. Kathy Marley-Dunbar will find markers to show volunteer names for the trees/areas and the project will be addressed at the March general meeting.
  • Communication:
    • After a discussion on ways to keep neighbors informed about general information regarding the neighborhood, it was decided this would be a good time to prepare a handout for each property. Brian Moore volunteered to write a draft of the newsletter. The following were suggestions of items to be included:
      • Information about the SNA via our website,
      • Encouragement to subscribe to the SNA email list via the website
      • Safety suggestions regarding home and car break-ins
      • Trash pick up
      • Approved recyclables
      • Pets on leashes
      • Snow and ice cleanup
      • City noise ordinance
    • A discussion followed regarding changes to the website under “Who We Are.” It was decided that new board members will be added to the list and phone numbers will appear only for the President and Crime Watch chair. Brian Moore will make the changes.
    • Glen Dunbar volunteered to serve as liaison to the City.
    • It was suggested that a good way to keep up with activities in the City is to read City Beat.
  • Fundraising:
    • After discussion, it was agreed to have a Ground Hog Day fundraising event. Dave Witwer and Joanne Kaldy volunteered to chair the committee. Groundhog Day is February 2.

Old Business:

  • It was reported that the broken property light at Race and Conoy Streets has not been repaired and presents a trip hazard on the sidewalk. There was a discussion about filing a complaint with the City Codes Department, but Betty Wolf will talk to the homeowner before this is done. The light has been broken since the September 2011 flood.
  • It was noted that the property at 529 South Front Street has been posted for sheriff’s sale. The lot next to it has also been plowed. At this time, information is limited as to what the future will be for these properties.
  • Ellie Martindale and Amanda Beaudoin did an assessment of the lights in the neighborhood and found that most have been repaired and are working. Those lights still in need of repair are:
  • Pole light at Front and Vine Streets
  • Several in the park north of the pumping station
  • New pole/light on South Front Street
  • The Biggert/Waters meeting remains on hold. Ellie Martindale will contact Bill Cluck for an update on the issue.
  • Ellie Martindale attended a meeting of the Capital Area Greenbelt Association and reported that work is moving forward on placing new signs along the trail and plans for upgrades at dangerous crossings are progressing.

New Business:

  • The board is in need of a vice president.
  • After discussion it was agreed to donate $50.00 to the YWCA in memory of Carol Haigh, a former SNA President and longtime Shipoke resident.
  • Glen Dunbar volunteered to draft a letter welcoming Eric Papenfuse as our new mayor.
  • Ellie asked for suggestions for a speaker for the SNA social and general membership meeting that will be held at the John Harris Mansion in March, 2014.

Next Meeting: January 8, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at the home of Mary Beth Follett.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.



Mary Beth Follett