January 2014 Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2014 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Minutes
JANUARY 8, 2014

  • Meeting Date/Time:  called to order at 7PM by Ellie Martindale.
  • Members Present:  Ellie Martindale, Dave Witwer, Susan Fahey,   Shirley Marks, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Glen Dunbar, Mary Beth Follett, Bob Hostetter, Joanne Kaldy, Brian Moore, Amanda Beaudoin.
  • Members Excused:  Betty Wolfe, Gene Gangwish, Marie Iaria, Jen Poppy
  • Review Minutes:  Approved as written.

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Approved.
    BEGINNING BALANCE:                                  $6802.11
    Income:                        0.00
    Expenses:                  50.00
    ENDING BALANCE:                          $6752.11

  • Committee Reports:
    • Crime Watch:  No activity was reported.
    • Social:
      March Social:  the date for the event will be March 16 or 23.  Dave Witwer will contact the John Harris Mansion regarding availability.  There will be a potluck meal.  Several suggestions were made for speakers or entertainment. Glen Dunbar volunteered to present “The Ghostly Hauntings of South Harrisburg”.
    • Beautification:   Adopt a Tree/Shrub:  the concept will be launched at the March Social.
    • Communication:
      The newsletter was distributed to the neighborhood.
      Facebook page:  Joanne Kaldy and Betty Wolfe will work on establishing a Facebook page for the SNA.
    • Fund Raising:   No activity to report.

  • Old Business:
    • Biggert Waters meeting:  This is being pursued and it is a priority of the new Mayor Papenfuse.  Discussion occurred regarding loss of property value and decline of the real estate market.
    • Groundhog Day:  Joanne Kaldy’s  dog will be dressed as a groundhog.  There will be photo opportunities.  Hats, buttons, stickers and a coloring book will be available as giveaways for the event.  It was also suggested to have a breakfast after the event at the hotel or Dodge City.   The board agreed on February 1st as the date.  $200 was allocated for the event.  An invitation will be extended to Mayor Papenfuse.  Joanne Kaldy will take the lead in planning this event.
    • Property Issues:
      • Jam Auto has moved out of the Vine Street location.
      • General Knipe House: a Sheriff Sale for this property was on January 9th.  It was noted that the bank approved $30,000 for repairs.
      • Street lights:  Nothing new to report this month.
      • SNA Vice President Nomination:  Amanda Beaudoin will take over the role of Vice President.

  • New Business:
    • Trash cans in the Playground and Riverfront Parks are not being emptied routinely and are overflowing.  Public Works will be contacted.
    • Clean & Green Harrisburg:  meeting will be held January (as information)
    • Meeting change of date:  Due to scheduling conflicts by board members, SNA Board meeting will occur on the second Tuesday of the month.
    • Issues for General Meeting:
      • Biggert Waters Flood Insurance
      • Trash collection
      • Anti-crime tips

  • Next Meeting:  February 11th
  • Adjourn:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Mary Beth Follett, Secretary