October 2015 Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2015 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association Minutes
October 6, 2015

  • Call to Order
  • Members Present:  Dave Witwer, Betsey Dorbian, Bridgette Plummer, Betty MacClaughlin, Gene Gangwish, Ellie Martindale, Brian Moore, Kathy Dunbar,
    Eileen Vilardi
  • Introduction of Guests: Dr. Jose Manjon
  • Approval of August 3, 2015 and September 8, 2015 minutes: Minutes for both months were approved as written.
  • Treasurers Report.
    BEGINNING BALANCE                                    $8434.90
    EXPENSES                                                       500.00 (Unique Landscaping)
    ENDING BALANCE                                           7934.90
  • Committee Reports
    • Communications
      Facebook will be utilized to showcase neighbors.  Please send interesting activities/jobs/travels/etc. of neighbors to Joanne Kaldy.
    • Crime
      Incident on 600 block of Showers Street.  A police report was filed.  Mary Beth Follett will work with the community Police Liaison to address this complaint and the issue of reported firing of weapons in the city limits.
      There was another report of stolen packages from front steps.  UPS and Fed Ex have methods online to request that packages be left on the side or rear of properties.  USPS does not.  When there is a substitute delivery person that is when a problem occurs.
    • Beautification
      Race Street Park, Tree Removal Riverfront Park – Kathy Dunbar presented an update on the renovation of the Race Street Park.  Unique Landscaping has completed the work for fall.  It was decided that fundraising efforts will proceed, and work will continue in the spring.
      Fall Clean up – Gene Gangwish will lead the clean up on October 10th at 8 am.  A plan of action was discussed.
    • Social
      Feedback:  General Meeting and Picnic, Sunday, September 13, 2015 – The suggestion was made to separate the business meeting from the social function.
    • Fundraising
      Plan for Race Street Park Funding-Revisions will be made for the letter that will be distributed to neighbors.  A final draft will be sent to the board members to approve.
    • Lend A Hand – No issues to discuss.
  • Old Business
    • Trash Can update- The last spreadsheet will be sent in this week.  After that, neighbors will be provided the email and phone contact for the city employee who will assist them.
    • Codes Complaints- An empty property on Conoy Street has been cleaned up on the exterior.  The owner was happy to comply with the request to clean up when he realized the weeds were 10 ft. tall.
    • Street lights LED light installation in City of Harrisburg- news will be provided to neighbors when the roll out of lighting replacement begins.
    • Harrisburg Thriving Together update- Nothing new to report.
    • Harrisburg Comprehensive Plan update- Nothing new to report.
    • Officers and new board members: Bridget Plummer, Sebastian Schrank, Chris Stoudt, Kayla Thornton, Mike O’Donnell
  • Los Tres Cubanos expansion of liquor license – Dr. Jose Manjon spoke to the board regarding his request now at the PA LCB to expand his liquor license to include outdoor seating.  He explained that he is very conscientious regarding patrons who smoke in front of the restaurant.  He has set up a sand ashtray on the side of the building for smokers.  All smokers are asked to go to the side of the building.  Also, the city of Harrisburg has approved his plan for outdoor seating.  He has placed outdoor tables and chairs on the side of the building.  The placement is respective of the public right of way of 36” from the curb.
    The board discussed his presentation and the presentation last month from concerned residents.Dr. Manjon and his manager have been receptive to the concerns of neighbors.  His business plan does not include service of liquor from 7 am to 2 am.  The posted hours of operation are the only hours when liquor will be served.  The restaurant has had a positive impact on the neighborhood.  It is a thriving business that fills a property which sat vacant for 4 years.  It has brought foot traffic to Shipoke, as well as a positive impact on the value of rentals and for sale properties.

    After discussion, the board members present voted to support the expansion of the liquor license to include outdoor seating.

  • Los Tres Cubanos HARB presentation and permit application for signs – HARB voted unanimously to approve the application without restrictions.  However, it is likely that a zoning hearing will take place on the signage.  Several neighbors spoke in support of the restaurant.  Mary Beth Follett, President spoke in support of the signage.
  • Premier Eye HARB presentation and permit application for garbage enclosure – Premier will not locate the trash enclosure next to the parking area.  Plans are being made to place the enclosure next to the building.


  • New Business
    • Fall Festival and Chili Cook off – Bridgette Plummer presented the plan for the event to take place on November 1st.  The paperwork is in process to get a block party permit to close the 500 block of Showers.  A budget of $ 500 was presented to the board and approved.   The budget covers music, kid events, set ups for food, etc.  A committee has already been established to plan and execute the event.  (Dave Wagner, Bridgette Plummer, Sebastian and Sara Schrank, Mary Beth Follett)
  • Date and Location of next meeting – November 2, 2015 at 7 pm. At the home of Dave Witwer
  • Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm