April 2016 Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2016 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association Minutes
April 4, 2016

1. Call to order
2. Present:  David Witwer, Christ Altman, Kathy Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Betsey Dorbian, Mary Beth Follett, Brian Moore, Jose Manjon, Gene Gangwish, Rod Kautz
3. — Bob Haigh, Betty MacLaughlin, Kayla Thornton, Sebastian Schrank,  Mike O’Donnell, and Chris Stoudt were excused.
–Mira Witwer attended as a guest

4. The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

5. Treasurer’s Report:   Bank Statement Balance as of 1/31/16
BEGINNING BALANCE            $7910.72
INCOME (Craver’s donation)            $23.97 contribution
–Constant Contact:    $133.56
–Insurance for Flea Market: $150.89
–City Permit:  $95
Expense total:                                 $379.45
ENDING BALANCE 2/15/16            $ 7555.24

6. Committee Reports:

  • Communications:
    Mira suggested that for future events, such as Art in the Park or the Flea Market, that the board consider advertising via WITF’s arts announcement calendar:  RSVPA.
  • Social:
    Board members who had attended the neighborhood’s Easter Egg Hunt last month provided a glowing report on how well it had gone.  Attendance was somewhat smaller than last year, but those who did attend appeared to immensely enjoy the event.  The board congratulated Kayla for doing such a fine job organizing the hunt.

    The upcoming General Membership Meeting, scheduled for April 10th, from 4-7 PM was discussed and plans for the event were reviewed.   It will be held at Los Tres Cubanos.

  • Beautification:
    Clean up day is scheduled for Friday, April 8th, starting at 6:30 PM, with the rain date to take place on April 9th.

    Mulch day is scheduled for May 7th at 8 am.

  • Codes:
    Some members of the board raised the issue of new signs erected by Premier Eye Care.  They are concerned that these signs were not reviewed and approved by HARB.   After some discussion of the matter, the board concluded that it was important for HARB’s review procedure to remain consistent.  It was decided to notify HARB about the sign change in order that the regular review procedure be followed.

    Some members also raised the issue of Premier Eye Care’s new trash container storage area, which is behind a line of shrubs on Front Street.  Mary Beth Follett said that she would contact the city agency in charge of trash removal to make sure that Premier Eye Care’s location is compliant with the city’s rules.

    A number of board members raised concerns about JR’s Auto and Tire Service, on Vine Street.  The concerns center on the garage’s practice of having its work spill out onto the sidewalk, with piles of car parts impeding pedestrian passage, and the company’s frequent failure to bag its trash.

  • Fundraising:
    Eillie Martindale reported on preparations for the Flea Market, which is now  scheduled for July 9th;  she will be having an organizational meeting next Monday, April 11th to work out particular tasks and subcommittees for planning the event.   She has acquired all of the requisite permits and the insurance.

    There was discussion at this point on the question of why the Shipoke Neighborhood Association is not a formal non-profit corporation.   It was decided to ask board member Mike O’Donnell for his insight as to the issues that would be involved in having the board become a non-profit.

    There was discussion about acquiring a SAMS Club card for the association, since it would help with buying supplies for events such as the Flea Market.

7. Old Business:

  • The board discussed the planned home tour in the neighborhood being undertaken by the Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP).    The tour is planned for May 21st.  One point of discussion was whether or not the plans for the tour still include the use of food trucks parked on Shower Street.

8. New Business

  • Geoffrey Knight of the city’s Bureau of Planning Mention has contacted Mary Beth Follett about a potential  neighborhood tour by an expert on flood mitigation who  will be in the area sometime in the future.  The board expressed great interest having such a tour scheduled.
  • A proposal for the board to purchase two Doggie Clean Up Stations that would be placed in the Race Street Park was discussed.  The board voted to approve spending $400 for these stations.
  • Kathy Dunbar and Rod Kautz presented plans for the upcoming Art in the Park event.   Jose Manjon offered to donate gift certificates to serve as prizes for the winners of the decorative pots contest.

9. Date and Location of next meeting – Monday, May 2nd at 7 pm.   At the home of Rod Kautz

10. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm