August 2016 Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2016 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2016

1. Meeting Date/Time:  August 1, 2016 7 pm called to order by Mary Beth Follett

2. Members Present:  Ellie Martindale, Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Mary Beth Follett, Bob Hosteter, Gene Gangwish, Brian Moore, ,Rod Kautz,
Members Excused:  Jose Manjon, Kayla Thornton, Sebastian Schrank, Michael O’Donnell, Chris Altman, Betsy Dorbian

3. Review Minutes:  Approved as written.

4. Treasurer’s Report:  Approved.
ACTIVITY:     Income:
ENDING BALANCE:    $10,159.85

5.Committee Reports:

  • Crime Watch:
    Discussion on providing a grant of $100 to 10 residents who purchase and install exterior security cameras.  Several options, pros and cons, were discussed.  This topic was tabled until the next meeting to gather more input.
  • Social:
    October 1st was selected as the date for the general meeting and Fall Fest and Chili Cookoff.  Rod Kautz will head up the planning for the event.  We discussed music, food options, and a possible beer garden.
  • Beautification:
    There are dead trees in the surrounding parks.  Kathy Dunbar will identify the location of the trees and email a list to Mary Beth Follett to forward to the city aborist.  Currently, the city crew is focused on mowing, but when time allows, they will tend to dead trees.

    Scheduling of fall clean up was tabled to the next meeting.

  • Communication:
    Ellie Martindale will write the next monthly newsletter.
  • Fund Raising:
    Ellie Martindale provided a brief review of the Shipoke Annual Flea Market.  Net proceeds were $2690 for 2016.  Proceeds for 2015 were $2524.This is the last year that Ellie Martindale will lead the Flea Market committee.  A new chairman will need to be identified for 2017.  Ellie was thanked for her leadership and hard work for this fundraising effort.

6. Old Business:

  •     Property Issues:  none
  •     Street lights: none
  • Doggie Clean Up stations:  Still backordered.  A “Dog Days of August” Party will be planned when they do arrive.

7. New Business:

  • Frequency of Meetings:  It was decided to continue to have a monthly meeting.
  • Discussion of new board members:  There will be at least four openings that need to be filled.

8. Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 591 S. Front St.
Adjourn:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.