January 2016 Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2016 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association Minutes
January 4, 2016

1. Call to order
2. Present:  David Witwer, Kathy Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Betty MacLaughlin,  Kayla Thornton,   Mary Beth Follett, Brian Moore, Jose Manjon, Chris Stoudt
–Betsey Dorbian, Gene Gangwish, Sebastian Schrank, and Bob Haigh were excused.

3. The minutes of the December 7, 2015 meeting were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report:   No activity has occurred since the last meeting and so the balance remains the same.   The board also again discussed the need to update the signatories for the association’s bank account.

5. Committee Reports:

  • Communications:
    Brigette Plummer has resigned from the board and so Mary Beth Follett and Brian Moore will now step in to take over the duty of producing the neighborhood newsletter.   Jose Manjon was chosen to replace Plummer as the association’s Vice President, with the understanding that the board’s officers will be formally approved at the next general meeting.
  • Crime:
    There were reports of two car break-ins since the last meeting.  In both cases the cars had been left unlocked and the board wished to remind residents that thieves are apparently scanning the neighborhood for such targets of opportunity.
  • Beautification:
    The board urged residents to consult the recent notification sent out by the city regarding brush and leaf hauling procedures.

    Kathy Dunbar discussed the need to consider plantings for the Race Street Park that will go in those areas that were thinned out in the fall.  Chris Stoudt suggested that new plantings also be considered for the Canoy Street border of the Kiddie Park.   It was decided that Dunbar, Stoudt and other interested board members would consult to consider what plants might go in to these areas.  Jose Manjon said that he is interested in participating in these discussions and might potentially contribute funds for efforts that involve the areas of Race and Canoy Streets which border his restaurant.

  • Social:
    Jose Manjon offered the use of the second floor of his restaurant for the March general meeting of the association.   The space is suitable for up to 60 people to use, although it will not be ready until later in March and so the board decided to schedule the meeting accordingly.    He also offered to provide some appetizers to supplement the meeting’s usual pot luck entries.

    Chris Stoudt volunteered to serve as Chair of the association’s social activities.

    Mary Beth reported the JoAnn Kaldy had offered to put together another Ground Hog Day celebration, if members of the board were interested in having one this year.  The board felt that this would be a good thing and voted to approve JoAnn as chair of a committee to organize the event, with several members offering to help out.

    Kathy Dunbar agreed to chair a subcommittee that would organize another Art in the Park celebration this year.   She said that she would formulate tentative plans for the event in order to present them at the next meeting.

  • Fund Raising:
    Ellie Martindale said that she has assembled all of the necessary paperwork from the city to begin the preliminary preparations for the annual flea market.   The tentative date for the market is July 9th.    She is holding off filing that paperwork, however, while she waits to see for certain when  the Pump Primers will be holding their event.   The flea market is usually timed to coincide with the historic fire engine celebration.   Ellie asked that board members and others who were interested in serving on a Flea Market’s organizing committee email her with times when they would be available to meet.

    Mary Beth said that she had received a draft of the fundraising letter that Bob Haigh and Kathy Dunbar had drafted to help raise contributions for the work in the Race Street Park.

6. Old Business:

  • The board discussed the problem of lights in the Kiddie Park, including one that appears to be broken.
  • Jose Manjon provided an update on the improvements being implemented at the restaurant and his efforts to have these changes approved by the various city boards.
  • Mary Beth is working on the letter that the association sends out to new neighborhood residents.

7. New Business:

  • The Comprehensive Plan being considered for Harrisburg will include a component on flood control.  Mary Beth is working to set up a neighborhood association meeting that will include a representative from the Plan to talk with residents about its implications.  Glen Dunbar will run that meeting.  The date and location of this meeting are yet to be determined.

8. Date and Location of next meeting – February 1st  at 7 pm. At the home of Kathy Dunbar.
9. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm