March 2016 Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2016 in Meeting Minutes by brian

Shipoke Neighborhood Association Minutes
March 7, 2016

1. Call to order
2. Present:  David Witwer, Christ Altman, Kathy Dunbar, Ellie Martindale, Betsey Dorbian, Betty MacLaughlin, Kayla Thornton, Sebastian Schrank.  Mary Beth Follett, Brian Moore, Mary Beth Follett, Jose Manjon, Mike O’Donnell, Chris Stoudt, Rod Kautz
– Bob Haigh and Gene Gangwish were excused

3. The minutes of the February meeting were approved.
4. Rod Kautz was approved as a new member of the board.

5. Treasurer’s Report:   Bank Statement Balance as of 1/31/16
BEGINNING BALANCE            $7915.62
INCOME                    $50 contribution
EXPENSES                      none
ENDING BALANCE 2/15/16            $ 7965.62

6. Committee Reports:

  • Communications:
    Notices have been posted around the neighborhood for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, which is scheduled for March 19th at 11 am.
  • Social:
    Joanne Kaldy had planned to attend the meeting to discuss Ground Hog Day, but she was unable to make it.  In her absence, the board discussed the Ground Hog Day festivities, concluding that it was a well-attended and much enjoyed success.

    Kayla Thornton reviewed her preparations for this year’s Easter Egg hunt in the Kiddie Park.

    The General Meeting is scheduled for April 3rd, from 4 to 7 pm in the ground floor of Los Tres Cubanos restaurant.  Jose Manjon  agreed to open up the ground floor of his restaurant for the meeting, which will be a pot luck affair as usual, and will also be BYOB.

  • Beautification:
    The current plan is to have clean up day on Friday, April 8th, starting at 6:30 PM, with the rain date to take place on April 9th.  Rod Kautz and David Witwer agreed to chip in for a case of beer for a post clean up gathering that will provide both a chance to socialize and a moderate reward for clean up participants.

    The board discussed plans for new/replacement plantings for the Race Street park.  Kathy Dunbar is waiting to hear back from the plant supplier she is working with, Highland Gardens.   Jose Manjon described his tentative plans for plantings in the area of his restaurant.  He also announced that he is donating money for a replacement tree near his restaurant and to replace a tree that has to be taken down in the River Park along Front Street.

    An ad hoc subcommittee has been formed to oversee the various issues involving planting and fundraising for the Race Street Park and the area along the outside of the Kiddie Park on Conoy Street.  The subcommittee includes:  Gene Gangwish, Kathy Dunbar, Jose Manjon, and Chris Stoudt.

  • Codes:
    The board discussed various pothole situations in the neighborhood and Mary Beth Follett indicated she was in communication with the city authorities about these issues.

    There was  discussion about the prevalence of dog poop that has not been picked up by dog owners in the neighborhood.   Residents were encouraged to remind dog owners who they see failing to pick up their dog poop to act responsibly.   Although failing to pick up dog poop is a ticketable offense, the board members agreed that peer pressure is often the most effective way to address this situation, letting the dog owners in question know that their neighbors are aware of their actions and that those actions negatively impact the community.

  • Fundraising:
    Eillie Martindale reported on preparations for the Flea Market, which is now  scheduled for July 11th, from  7 am to 2 pm.   She has acquired insurance for the event, although she notes the cost of that insurance has gone up $20.  She has also acquired the needed permits from the city Parks Department.   She is forming a subcommittee to help her set up for the event and plans on scheduling a meeting of this subcommittee in the not too distant future.

    There was discussion of the letter that the board has prepared for raising money to fund the new/replacement plantings in the Race Street Park.   Various ideas were discussed in this regard, including waiting to send this letter until Kathy Dunbar hears back from the plant supplier about the specific prices for particular trees and plantings.  The idea proposed was that donations could be solicited for specific plantings/trees;  or that the letter could state a set of specific fundraising goals tied directly to these plantings.

    Other ideas that grew out of this discussion had to do with proposals to increase the community’s use of the Race Street park, perhaps by installing a picnic table, or community library box, or perhaps by scheduling events such as dance lessons.

7. Old Business:

  • The board discussed the planned home tour in the neighborhood being undertaken by the Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP).    Some board members recalled that the HYP had made a significant donation to the neighborhood the last time this tour was held, which had occurred after the flood.   No such donation has been planned this time around.   But the board was reminded that HYP stages these events to raise money for a fund which provides $1,000 for persons buying a home in the city of Harrisburg.    Other details of this planned event were also discussed, including the fact that HYP is proposing to have food trucks parked along Shower Street to provide food and refreshments during the event.
  • The board discussed the recent flood mitigation informational meeting that was recently held.   The meeting was well attended and board members reviewed the various proposals that were discussed at that meeting, including the erection of a flood wall, the deepening of Paxton Creek’s channel, a flood barrier to block Paxton Creek, and changes to the storm sewer system.

8. New Business:  No new business was presented

9. Date and Location of next meeting – April  4th at 7 pm. At the home of Ellie Martindale

10. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm