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Grounddog Day 2015 Forecast and Recap

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Shipoke Sheena Predicts: Early Spring!


Nearly 100 Shipoke residents, family members, and friends came out on Saturday, January 31, for our second annual Grounddog Day celebration. Shipoke Sheena, our furry prognosticator, predicted an early Spring, to the great delight of her audience. Rev. Hal Fox MCed the program, and Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse spoke briefly, reminiscing about his days as a Shipoke resident and lauding the neighborhood’s wonderful camaraderie. Jonathan_Frazier_02Terry Crouteau, a local performer and friends of many in the neighborhood, sang the National Anthem. Shipoke mail carrier “Big Al” and Shipoke dog Max served as Shipoke Sheena’s bodyguards and escorts.

After the ceremony, which was held in the Conoy Street Kiddie Park, the ground moved across the street to a historic carriage house for coffee, donuts, and other goodies. Shipoker Mary Lou Dallam read stories and led a children’s arts and crafts program. Area artist and musician Jonathan Frazier performed for the groups, singing songs including “I’m Alright,” the event’s theme song.
While other communities celebrate Groundhog Day, we celebrate Grounddog Day because Shipoke Sheena is not a groundhog, but a dog in a groundhog–or bear–costume.

Several media outlets covered the event:

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Groundhog Day Event Recap

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Thanks to everyone who participated in Shipoke’s first annual Groundhog Day Celebration. Nearly 100┬áneighbors and friends joined us to hear Shipoke Sheena’s prediction of an early Spring. The event kicked off with Mira Witwer performing the “Star Spangled Banner” on her violin, followed by Rev. Hal Fox leading the group in singing, “Ain’t Nothing But a Groundhog” and announcing Shipoke Sheena’s prediction. Mayor Eric Papenfuse, a former Shipoke resident, shared his fond memories of the neighborhood and reassured residents that he is working hard to protect their flood insurance concerns.


After the formal ceremony, everyone retreated indoors and enjoyed coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, and cookies inside at the former site of Char’s Bella Mundo restaurant. Harrrisburg musician and artist Jonathan Frazier performed “I’m Alright,” the groundhog’s theme from the movie, Caddyshack, and Shipoke resident Mary Lou Dallum led storytelling and games for the children. Kids also received chocolate groundhogs and Shipoke Sheena coloring books illustrated by SNA Board member Amanda Beaudoin with a story by Joanne Kaldy.


The event received press coverage from the Patriot News and local television news shows. Additionally, SNA Board members Kathy Dunbar and Joanne Kaldy, along with Shipoke Sheena (aka, Bubble the chihuahua), appeared as guests on the show, Good Day PA, on ABC 27.


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Music in the Park featuring Hip Pocket

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The band

Just chilling

Joann and Glen Dancing

Folks on the lawn

Enjoying the music

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2013 Easter Egg Hunt Photos

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2012 Easter Egg Hunt Photos

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2011 Spring Storm

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