Contractor Recommendations

The following contractors have been recommended by fellow Shipoke residents.


  • Accord Restoration

    “True professionals.”


  • Alex R. Szeles Inc.


  • Blue Dot Building (717-645-6720)

    “Beautiful work, concerned with detail.”


  • William Kenny, Inc. (717-220-1540)

    “He’s expensive but thorough, creative and loves working on old houses.”

    “He loves working on old houses, enjoys Shipoke, is totally dependable although possibly more expensive than others.”

    “Excellent – Worth the extra expense.”


  • Ed Lank Kitchens and Baths

    “Quality work. Prompt.”


  • Pekala Architecture and Design (717-571-5768)

    “Excellent designs. Very professional. Prompt.”


  • Restorations Unlimited

    “Excellent. Knows all the house codes for Harrisburg plus the rulings for the Architectural Review Board. They have done multitude of things for us.”

    “The company did several restoration projects for me on my Middletown federal era house. The company is pricey, but if you want the project to adhere to preservation guidelines, then Fascinelli is the guy to contact.”


  • Wood Decor, Inc (717-697-1444)

    “You may have to wait a while, but everything will be done efficiently once they start. Replaced my entire kitchen in 10 days. Has excellent painting and masonry guys. Did a great job on replacing my house footer and repairing the crack in my outer wall. The roof they installed has worked perfectly for 17 years and my bathrooms, new enclosed back porch with heating/air conditioning, and front balcony have stood the test of time! Very reasonable prices!”


  • David Atkins Electrical Service (717-574-7087)

    “Good quality of work. Prompt and reliable.”


  • B. A. Hartman Electric


  • Carvell Quality Electrical Services (717-939-3936)

    “Ron has done work for me in a complicated historic house. He is patient, appreciates the complications of older homes, and prices fairly.”


  • J.S. Mixon Electrical Contractor Inc.


  • Bob Kanoff Electric (717-652-2301)

    “Does work on time, quickly and well. Reasonably priced.”



  • Leggett, Inc



  • WM Buffington

    “My furnace, hot water heater, instant hot water faucet, water filters to the fridge, and toilets are perfect, thanks to this company!”

    “A little pricey, but excellent quality work.”




  • Evertight Roofing (717-648-2074)

    “Have had horrible luck with roofers in the past, but have been very pleased with Mike’s work!”


  • Hackman Roofing

    “They installed two new roofs for me and I can recommend them, although they are expensive. They responded quickly to one minor post-completion problem.They were recommended by a contractor who in turn has used them for his repair/maintenance work.”


  • Loper & Loper Painting and Roofing

Landscaping / Exterior