Shipoke Crime Watch Committee

Please Join the Shipoke Crime Watch Committee

National Neighborhood Watch is a program sponsored by the National Sheriff’s Association and supported by the Harrisburg Police Department to reduce crime and to make neighborhoods safer. The Shipoke Committee is part of this national effort and operates under the auspice of the Shipoke Neighborhood Association.

As a member of the Committee, you are making a commitment to learn about crime prevention and follow good practices; help spot potential problems in the neighborhood; “pass-the-word” about crimes that take place in our area; help put on educational events for the residents of Shipoke; and be an advocate to ensure that the Harrisburg Police Department has the resources to be effective in the fight against crime. The committee will share information and have several meetings and events during the year.

Knowing your neighbors is an important asset to committee members. By getting to know who lives in the neighborhood and their regular patterns, you can see when something is unusual. You can also contact them quickly when something goes awry. Being aware of the goings-on in our neighborhood is not invading anyone’s privacy or snooping, it is guarding against trouble or any situation that could be dangerous to our neighborhood. It simply comes down to the motto, “WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!”

The Neighborhood Watch is NOT a vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of the Police Department. It is NOT a program designed for participants to undertake personal risks to deter crime. And it is NOT a guarantee that crime will not occur in or around our neighborhood. We just do what we can.

For more information about joining the Shipoke Crime Watch Committee contact , phone 645-2375; or contact the Shipoke Neighborhood Association at: