The Shipoke Neighborhood Association

The Shipoke Neighborhood Association (SNA) is a nonprofit group governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Membership is open to all residents of Shipoke, and there is no dues.  The SNA Board organizes local events and gatherings, including the Shipoke Flea Market.   Most importantly the SNA sponsors the Neighborhood Watch Program to insure the safety and general well-being of our neighbors, and acts as the voice of the Shipoke Neighborhood when significant issues face our community.

Mary Beth Follett, South Front St.


Shirley Marks, Nagle St.
Kathy Marley-Dunbar, Race St.
Board Members
Betsy Dorbian, South River St.

Gene Gangwish, South Front St.
Bob Haigh, Showers St.
Marie Iaria, South River St.
Joanne Kaldy, Tuscarora St.
Rod Kautz, Race St.
Betty MacLaughlin, Showers St.
Ellie Martindale, Showers St.

Brian Moore, South Front St.
Eileen Vilardi, Conoy St.
David Witwer, South Front St.
Betty Wolf, Race St.